What is the "Better" Series?

Making Affiliate Marketing Better

Affiliate Marketing Workflows and Toolsets

This page was born kicking and screaming form frustration. In the wake of a long and frustrating road, littered with Sticky, Dog, Bum toffees. And after stepping into a number of these $7 Pdf traps that catch you by email, Then suck you in with hypnotic marketing techniques and get you to buy,buy,buy. Just to provide, Information that was most certainly not going to make you the serious money overnight, That they promised.  I decided to start this series. As a Fundamental roadmap for anyone that wishes to learn how to utilise the internet to generate an Income.

Dreaming of leaving the grinding 9-5. Time for money swap. I started this road in 2010. Today it is 2015. I have spent countless hours digging. And it is time to lay bare everything I learned. If I can make this steep learning curve a little bit easier for you. I will smile, a big happy shiny white teeth smile and be happy for you.

What you will find here.

Why everyone is going on about niches, and why you need one. What are keywords and why they are important, How to use them and some really cool hacks. What is hosting, Why you need hosting and also showing some host-less strategies. Where you can get the best hosting,

What to consider when getting hosting. Why the right url makes all the difference, Where to register your url, All the hidden charges when buying a url. Some url buying hacks. and the best places to get urls. What is wordpress and why you need it, and a complete guide on all things wordpress. Some other web building interfaces that does not require coding. Creating content and why creating, Stunning content is important, and what classes as Stunning content.

How to get your content noticed beyond good seo strategies and tactics. Once you have levelled to this stage, you will start thinking of catching the attention, of the people finding your content and start your email marketing campaigns. So by having a list of people interested in what you are producing, You might start learning about creating landing pages to promote other products in line with your content. Or perhaps even decide that you would like to launch internet advertising campaigns. What lies beyond this, very few people that are not involved in coding ever achieve.

Beyond all of this. Lies the realm of building Mobile apps to incorporate your content and or products. Perhaps even developing some form of online software solution. The Scope is wide. The playing field is much much bigger than I have ever imagined. Every day I learn something new that one can implement to make money. From Now on I am going to share my loot by telling you about my great finds.

The Main Aim of realandworks.com!

  • To provide basic truths and myths when it gets to online marketing.
  •  To provide realistic expectations of what you will spend while building your business.
  •  To provide evergreen affiliate workflow snapshots to anyone interested.
  •  To highlight some of the best long term money making Strategies.
  •  To give real truthful information that is accurate and Actionable.
  •  To give some guidance. Something I wished for, when I started.


One thing I have realised from spending long, dark and gruelling hours, Browsing, Searching and hunting the inner and darkest corners of the internet discovering the tightly kept secrets, That makes people millionaires online. Is one hard, blistering fact. And once you get this, Your life will change completely. The only way that you will ever make money online is by providing value.  And through these pages, I wish to provide as much value as I possibly can.

With advice on:

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