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from staking it out

Building out the Idea finding value propositions

To optimising better

I am going strong and I need to find places to optimise.

There is a basic recipe, thats it.

So where the heck do I start?

Lets start with a Press kit. this Include but is not limited to.
You brand name, The colors, The fonts, and a Slogan.
The the creative assets.
a logo for FB,Linked-In,G+
logo for letterhead
a letterhead ( This will double for a footer at some point, in your mailing campaigns.)

Compiling and distilling an about section that may be used on all your Social platforms. 
Any other digital forms of brand identification that you may require.

All of this is packed into my "Press Kit" 

and more

It is true, Money likes speed, But speed also wrecks savings accounts, and credit cards, real fast.. So. rather begin with. Why you want to earn in cyber spcace. If you are used to an office it's going to take some getting used to. I have worked in the office, at home, At the office and again at home.  It's going to be diffirent for everyone. You need to unsderstand what you need, to be productive, and how to manage your mobile office. Efficiently and effectivley.

First. HOW ? do you want to earn in cyberspace?

Take a look at whe skills YOU HAVE  and start with that.
Anything, You won't believe it. Absolutely anything.

But Also True. You have to believe that you will succeed.
If you keep any other thoughts you might as well stop.
There will be days of doubt. But keep your eye on the goal.

As for mostly all of us, especially if you found this site. working towards making your side projects grow so big that they become your only project is a dream we share.

Yes, I started right in the dirt.
Trapped in click funnels learning endless products with endless upsells.
No More. Stop! ( Here is the complete plan of what they do )
freeme.rar is a mindmap. To view it you
will need to download freemind. It's an opensource mind mapping tool.
( I compiled this mindmap over the last 2 years.)

Alot of the info is redundant. As newer platforms become more and more integrated 

it's a lot easier now than what it used to be. ( So the mindmap will give you a good overview of the gears. Most of the new platforms comes with everything you need. )

But where does this journey lead. Specifically. A juncture that will define the success of your venture of gaining cyber customers. Building Relationships, Managing your Grind, and still have a balanced life that brings happines, I believe it is possible. and I am working towards that aim. Life is a journey.

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